Fort DeSoto Camping

We have returned from camping at Fort DeSoto Park, as evidenced by the previous entry!

It was a great weekend at a new to our pack campsite, one that I would DEFINITELY go to again. For those of you who want pristine privys, this place is not your cup of tea. The toilets were spartan, the showers cold water only. However, they worked and were better than the ones we experienced last year in Ruskin.

If you look at the Ft.DeSoto websites, the group camp site isn't labeled on the map. It is separate from the rest of the campsite on a little peninsula. It was wooded, with little beaches all around. At night, even with the occasional car passing by, it was very quiet and peaceful.

Our tent is on the left:Closer view of our tent:The official SuzanneSez family camping breakfast:Chef spends more time untangling the fishing lines than he actually did casting a line:Gameboy, who was more interested in having casting a sinker than actually trying to catch fish (this is apparent when the child has NO hook on his line!)The Sunshine Skyway bridge by moonlight. The twin lighted blobs in the middle of the picture are the top of the bridge seen in yesterday's post:More beach:The path from the beach back to the tents.This morning's breakfast. In an effort to get underway quicker, we didn't do any cooking this morning. If you enlarge the picture, you can see the beach through the trees behind the boys.
No, we don't like camping. We just have a shelving unit in the garage to keep the stuff together.Of course, the only picture I have of Ed from the trip is him goofing off:
For the most part, the weekend was relaxing. Ed and I sat around the campfire with a couple of people really late and laughed at the bold raccoons that were foraging for food-and fell off the top of the shower stalls at 2am.

Chef Jr and I did face plants during the weekend. I tripped over a root on my way into the campsite with some blankets and Chef tripped over a guide wire from a tent that had been put up in the afternoon while we were away from the campsite yesterday. His situation was preventable-mine was solely because I am the 8th dwarf, Clumsy.

We could see so many stars, even with the ambient light from Tampa. What's weird is that Sarasota to the south is not a big town, but it had considerable ambient light. Not as much as Tampa, but enough that you knew something big was to the south.

The best part was that thanks to the time of year, the only bugs we saw were the occasional ant! We whom the mosquitoes look on as all you can eat buffet enjoyed not being the feast for the weekend.

Will we go back to the campgrounds as a family? More than likely. The whole park has plenty to do. We're curious about the ferry to Edmont Key. There's always next time...


Shannon said…
Wow, look at those beach shots! I am not a camper myself but that breakfast looks good and there are parts that look fun! :) (Especially the being with family part)
Tena said…
looks like a good time was had by all
Suzanne said…
Shannon, the best part of the trip was being with my family!

Tena, we all had a good time. I'm not sure who enjoys it more!

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