Yay, Kool Aid!

The other day, I lamented the difficulty in finding Kool Aid Invisible. It is one of those rare childhood totally no good for you indulgences that Gameboy can actually enjoy because it lacks food dyes.

A quick search of eBay prior to writing that entry netted no listings, but Jess found some later that day on eBay Canada. She also linked to a couple of auctions and I bid on one for Raspberry. I won and found this in my mailbox today:

That's 50 packets of Raspberry. Also purchased were 50 packets of Grape from another seller. An auction for the Cherry flavor went up to well over 25 bucks! Also, I found from the seller on eBay Canada that the Lemon Ice flavor is also clear. However, at a $50 buy it now price, we'll be skipping it.

The two supermarket chains where I'd purchased packets in the past were emailed. Winn-Dixie promptly called me back to let me know that Kraft discontinued the packets, but they've got plenty of the Watermelon Kiwi still available if we wanted it. They also were happy to sell me the Grape or Cherry sugar added by the case, shipping it directly from Jacksonville. That was pretty neat, but I'm just trying to seek and acquire the discontinued packets.

Sweetbay hasn't responded yet, but it will probably be the same response as Winn-Dixie's. Our camping trip tomorrow will take us near an area populated with lots of retirees. I'm thinking that the search for bandwidth to post Saturday will also have me doing a circuit of the supermarket chains that have historically had Invisible. For now, I'll snatch up anything other than the Watermelon Kiwi. Put it this way, the nearest Sweetbay has 300 packets on the store shelf right now.

For the next year or so, Gameboy will still be able to say "Hey, Kool Aid!" While I'm the one saying "Yay, Kool Aid!"


daysgoby said…
Oh, yay!!!
Janna said…
Wow, it's like you won the invible kool-aid lottery!
Joyce-Anne said…
Hooray for the little victories in life--like finding Kool Aid!
Tena said…
Shannon said…
Mmm... Do they still make the blue Koolaid? I can NEVER find it but LOVED it as a kid. I am glad you found it. :)
Suzanne said…
Jess, thanks for those links!

Janna, yep-and that's hard to do, considering you can't SEE the stuff. ;p

Joyce, you know how tickled I get when I can find something he can have. I opened that envelope and started giggling!

Tena, It was a major score!

Shannon, Yes, they DO make the blue Kool Aid. Our local Wal Mart had it about a month ago.

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