Lovely Spam, Wonderful Spam

I entered a blog contest that is supposed to send an email with a discount code on a product I would like to purchase. Thinking that perhaps the email went to my spam account, I'm sifting through the spam. Some of these subject lines are quite humorous, don't you think?

**These are real email subject lines taken from my spam folder today!**

Acquiring a boner has never been easier
You mean you don't buy yours at the local discount store? I've always thought that was simple!

The most powerful weapon for your se>.< battles Umm, your se>.< battles? Does that have something to do with Pokemon?

Do not brake, go in a leg in due course How do you go in a leg?

Dont try your bad luck in love! Use blue pilss!
I didn't know I have to try bad luck in love. BTW, what are pilss?

Why people like FakeWatches? because it's Cheap $186+- only and 99.99% Similar to Original, most brands available qfcflv nblt Dude, I have never spent more than 50 bucks for a watch. You must be smoking crack if you think $186 is cheap. Heck, they even sell watches at the Dollar Tree! Save yourself $185. Srsly!

The winter already ends pore to rest you!You write English very goodly.

completely incapable of pleasing a woman?Yes, and I LIKE IT THAT WAY! Thanks, but no thanks!

Do you think it can not bring through your illness? I know how to help in your hoodoo!I have a hoodoo? I didn't even know I did. (but I do have a Hoodoo Gurus single, did she mean that? Is it ill? I didn't know we had to bring vinyl through illness-whatever that means)

National Westminster Bank has been receiving complaints I'll get right on that one, but first, I need to find out where there is a NatWest bank so I can help them with these complaints.

Tired of sitting at home because of your obesity.
Actually, I'm tired of sitting at home because I have no #@^%^$^ money.

And the winner, getting a jump on 2010:
Yo man! The day of Love

show details 3:20 PM (8 minutes ago)
date Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 3:20 PM
subject Yo man! The day of Love

hide details 3:20 PM (8 minutes ago)

Don't be alone for Valentine's Day this year!

Yeah, I'll get right on that!

BTW, thank you Gmail for sifting so well. It's rare that the real stuff goes to spam and vice versa!


Sarah said…
I love it! You are so IN for Show me the Funny this week!

I blogged my spam too but it wasn't near this!
Shannon said…
Haha too funny. I get some ridiculous spam as well. This game me a good laugh.
Suzanne said…
Sarah, thanks for featuring me. I'm glad someone else is laughing at the stuff that made me giggle.

Shannon, happy to give you a laugh, too!

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