After a year in the local middle school, Gameboy's teachers and ESE coordinator agree with us that a mainstream setting does NOT work for the child.

I'm tearing hair out here with all the things that have gone on in the past month. Let's just say that I finally had to say to the school counselor last week "I know it's not politcally correct, but you have to consider Gameboy as being a crack addict, but the crack is anything having to do with video games or computer games.

We warned them-give the child an inch (by saying "if you do this, we'll give you computer time") and he'll take 3000 miles. They were all told DO NOT under ANY circumstances give him computer time or reward him with games. They ignored this suggestion. Then we got the phone calls that he was misbehaving after they did exactly what we said would cause problems. My response "Didn't we tell you this would happen?" and the answer would always be a timid "Yes, you did."

Gameboy has become more and more belligerent as the year has gone on, insisting on the @$%^$%^%#$% games. The counselor called me. We met and she suggested he be placed in the self contained classroom. FINALLY, we had someone who was singing the same song we've been since last year!
The ESE coordinator, however, said Gameboy's diagnosis didn't fit the county's requirements. This week has been horrible, and two of the teachers emailed me about how bad it's been. Opportunity knocking, I emailed both back, stating that I know my child is disrupting other students and I don't know how to do anything more. Would they please let the ESE coordinator know that he is preventing however many other students from learning?

Apparently, between those two emails and Gameboy kicking another teacher when he didn't get his way Tuesday, the school had us come in to sign paperwork to do testing. Ultimately, it'll put him in the self contained setting.

It's about freaking time!


AccidentalMommy said…
Woman, you post more than I do! hehe

People really should just shut up and listen to a mother's instinct (assuming she is not a psycho Susan Smith type). I have said "I told you so" way too many times in the 5 years I have had kids....

It would save a ton of time and energy on their part.

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