Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

In the year plus of doing Soundtrack Sundays, I don't think I've covered this one before.

Back when I was on the DISboards, you could get tagged with things you'd said in various posts. I was tagged with "I have songs that remind me of people, places and my dog." It's true-many songs (or artists) have very strong associations with people and events in my life. Today, I'll share some of them with you.

Whenever I hear the B52's, I think of Donna. Actually, any good new wave of the mid 80's brings me back to going to Malibu, Spit or just hanging out with my bud! Funniest thing ever was being with her at a PIL concert at our college and the crowd was slam dancing and I had a plaster cast on my arm. I kept telling her I was going to put it up above my head (we're both short) and the next person that body slammed me was going to have a nasty goose egg on their head for the effort.

As a result, on the rare occasion that I do hear a Sex Pistols or PIL song, I think of Donna and I laughing at Johnny Lydon's thick Cockney accent "I don like bein 'pit on by ahsholes!" as he left the stage.

The resurgence of many 80's acts brings up the next one. A Duran Duran song will make me think of my sister Giggles and her love for the three Taylors, LeBon and Rhodes. They were HER guys, but before them? Barry Manilow rocked her world, so hearing "Copacabana"? I think back to just how many times my sister played her Barry's Greatest Hits album. I've already talked about my love for Shaun Cassidy, so she can't even come on here and blackmail me with that information!

There are a few classic rock songs and many Billy Joel songs that make me think of Rich. Mainly because every time I came up to NY, we'd spend time with her hearing the Blue Scoobies play. "Brown Eyed Girl", "Walk, Don't Run" and "Build Me Up, Buttercup"-those are definitely songs that remind me of hanging with Rich.

Joyce? What's funny is that as much of a shared music history as we have, there aren't any popular songs that remind me of her! No, it's a case of hearing songs from our choral days together that remind me of her. Though, nowadays, if I hear a song from the "1776" soundtrack, it brings a smile to my face and a reminder that it is a favorite of Joyce's.

Even before Ed and I were a couple, hearing a Marillion song would remind me of him. I'd been exposed to them back in 1985, so we had that shared history for years. Nowadays, I hear "Easter" and it brings me back to a mix tape he made for me when we first started dating.

As far as the one that reminds me of my dog-the night that Bear died, I drove home from the vet after dropping him off and Alison Kraus' version of "When You Say Nothing at All" came on the radio. Seemed a fitting song for my loyal companion and to this day, I hear it and think of the great times I had with my 'practice kid'.

How about you? Do certain songs bring a flashback of a time, a place, a person or a pet?


Tena said…
I can think of tons of songs that bring me back to a moment, each of my boys have a song, and when I hear them I stare at the monkey and cry.... awwwwww.. those boys are my everything!!
Suzanne said…
Tena, that's cool that each boy has his own song.

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