Tips For Transitioning From One Laptop to Another

Porting over my information from one machine to the other is going to be interesting. The fact that I can't launch .exe files makes some transfers tough. I thought I'd get both laptops on the network and just pull from the old to the new. However, the HP can access the network, but is not visible as being on the network! Tomorrow, there will be some playing with that machine to get it recognized.

Some things to use or remember that ease the transition:

FoxMarks-If you're a Firefox user, this web based app is a dream. It maintains your bookmarks on the web, but you can use it to upload them from one machine, then 'add a second machine' and download all of them at once. As the veteran of a hard drive failure, one where I lost some bookmarks forever, I love this idea.

iTunes-Installing this on your new machine is easy, but how do you get all the music back and forth? Well, you can use your iPod to do it. Remember this-you want to deselect your Auto Sync mode or else you'll lose everything off the iPod.

I'm rather glad to start fresh with a new iTunes download. As much as I love Apple, I didn't need Safari and was annoyed that it was snuck in on my last iTunes upgrade. I also didn't need three complete prior versions of iTunes hogging my hard drive, but they did.

Update Sunday 2/22-I'm off to buy a new iTunes $15 card. In over three years of having the iPod, I've only purchased 30 bucks of things from them, the benefits of a HUGE cd library. However, to authenticate this computer with iTunes, I have to put in a CC number, PayPal account or iTunes gift card. Personally, I'm not comfortable with my credit card number on there when I rarely purchase from them.

Their software doesn't seem to sync well with PayPal. PayPal tells me that it has successfully sent data, but when I go back to iTunes, it has no record. Off to the store for a Gift Card, then. All so I can put the $30 of already purchased stuff back onto this computer.

Not exactly tied to the new laptop, but something I downloaded is Tweetdeck. I was doing fine managing my Twitter account up until I began following over 100 people. There are about 15-25 people that I would touch base with daily, but I added more and found it hard to sift through what was going on. Tweetdeck allows folders, so I can sort by category, like my top 20, MomDot bloggers, Lakeland tweeple, TechTV gurus, etc. I'd held off installing it until I got the new machine, but I'm really enjoying it so far.

As I find more tips worth sharing, I'll add them here...


Mike Golch said…
I guess that's why I keep buying the compaq desktop computer.I know it and am confortable with it.
AccidentalMommy said…
Good luck with the switch. I used Tweetdeck briefly but I found it didn't update as quickly as Twitter. Do you find that?
Suzanne said…
Mike, you still have to transfer stuff from the old computer to the new one. That's what I'm talking about...

Kim, apparently, this latest version of Tweetdeck is a lot faster than previous ones. I have no comparison, but it updates automatically. On the old machine, I had to refresh Twitter's home page, but Tweetdeck takes that chore away.

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