I Have a New Laptop

I am typing this on the new Toshiba. However, things weren't as easy as opening the door to FedEx dude and signing for my computer. Noooo, what actually happened:

A. Waited for the knock on the door, figuring it would show up early.
B. By noon, decided that if I took a shower, delivery would appear while I was in the shower.
C. At 1:15, open up the Office Depot chat window to find out who was delivering and when. Got Willard/Wilfred, who said that it would be delivered via third party and that info was unavailable. Do slight steam, because Ed is off today and we were housebound until that delivery came
D. At 5:15, after delivery window passed, open 2nd Office Depot chat window. Express irritation that we wasted Ed's day off sitting around for delivery and that I would be in Brandon tomorrow and would go to Best Buy. CSR asks for my phone number and tells me someone will "Call back ASAP"
E. 7:30 rolls around and I call the 800 number. At first, when I check order status, it tells me I am scheduled to recieve it today. It's not holiday season, I'm sure the FedEx drivers have finished for the day.
F. There's no way to select 'speak to a representative, so I call back. I explain to the rep that the little internet company I've ordered PERSONALIZED merchandise from twice in the past month seems to be able to give me a FedEx tracking number and get their product out within 24 hours, why can't I get that info from Office Depot? She checks status and then says "Oh, they only have display models in the warehouse-you won't get that until next week."
G. At this point, I calmly but firmly state that she should cancel my order because they KNEW this yesterday when my order should have shipped, yet they didn't call or email me, despite having my contact information, that they've wasted my husband's day off sitting here waiting for a delivery and that I had to seek out information from them THREE times, but she's the first to tell me something the other two reps could have.

Sorry Office Depot, I am not giving you any more business.

Since Best Buy was the helpful store in the first place, I go back to their website. Lakeland still doesn't have it, but I'll give them a call anyway.

I get Tom, He's a nice guy and cheers me up about the Office Depot garbage. He does not have the laptop, but he checks and sees that Brandon has two. He transfers me to Melissa at Brandon. They do have two-the display and one that has already been optimized. I'm not paying 60 bucks for them to do something I am perfectly capable of doing, sorry.

Next stop, Davenport. Emmanuel is extremely helpful, offers to keep me on the phone while he has someone verify that they do indeed have 4, touches base with me that they're climbing a ladder to grab one, then gets back on the phone to tell me he has it at customer service, can I have your name?

An hour later, I've got my laptop.

Thank you, Best Buy.
The beacon in the night, lighting the way to my new laptop.
Passing the torch.


Jientje said…
Good luck with it!!
glad to hear you're back in business. I'm on my mother's laptop right now. I ordered one from Dell, it will take as long as 2 weeks for them to ship nand deliver it, but it's the one I wanted and the price was right...and it came fully loaded with the right software.
Suzanne said…
Jientje, thanks! Its nice having a silent machine in my lap now.

SB, It makes sense to wait if you've got one to use-and you've got the Voyager in a pinch. The only software I'm really concerned about is Office-I'm not sure if the discs are handy.
ligirl said…
Oooh...pretty!!! Congrats and good luck with it!
AccidentalMommy said…
YAY for Best Buy.

I tend to be a die-hard Dell fan myself. For the money...I got my current laptop last June with 2GB ram a fast wireless card and everything else I needed for $490. Not to mention I am a pro with their customer service now and bypassing the crap they make you go through that you have already done if you have a problem.

Some day I would like to be able to try a different brand though.
Delswife said…
Congratulations on your new toy!

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