Label Daddy BlogHer 09 Contest

Are you a blogger? Do you have mom blogs, humor blogs, any kind of blog and want to go to BlogHer? It's the event of the year in the blogging world, mixing and mingling with others who 'get' the idea of blogging and learning about how to become a better blogger. I want to go, but if you add up the ticket, the airfare and the hotel, for 3 nights, it'd cost me $1000 bucks (and that's if I get a buddy pass from my 'sorta sister')

Enter Label Daddy! Scott and Greg, the Daddies behind this company, truly believe in the power of blogging. They are wise men, seeing that the blogging world is much like our world was prior to radio, tvs and technology in that we reach out to small groups of people we know. We learn about things and share what we know, especially when it's a product we love.

For that reason, they just announced the Label Daddy BlogHer 09Contest! They believe in the power of blogging SO much that they will sponsor one lucky person's Admission, Hotel and Airfare! Go over to Label Daddy's blog and check out the rules for this contest,, because you know you want to enter!

That sounds pretty cool, right? That Label Daddy wants to send someone and will pay their way is incredible. However, that's not all that the Daddies are doing: They've provided a FULL sponsorship to their blogger, Sara of Momma Findings and Scott and Greg paid for Trisha, Bridgette and Alicia of MomDot's hotel room, but they are not done.

Label Daddy is also offering two partial scholarships to BlogHer 09. If you'd like to win admission to BlogHer 09 (a $198 value now, and $298 value after February 28th), visit MommaFindings and MomDot to find what you have to do.

Label Daddy BlogHer 09 Partial Scholarship

Label Daddy BlogHer 09 Partial Scholarship

If you've been around for a while, you remember how I blogged last year about my desire to be there with my blogging friends. Thanks to Label Daddy, I may just have some of that expense (hopefully, all of it) covered.

Pardon me, I need to go over to Label Daddy and order some labels. Those labels are a must when you have Boy Scouts you send camping!


Grandy said…
I want to go SO BAD!!! Can you please...please...please help me get the BlogHer banner on my site? I have a userid there but I can't seem to get the banner.

I'm such a dork. ;)

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