Do you get forwards? Lots of forwards? Are you like me, wondering if the senders know that the average person may have seen it already? Or maybe you're afraid of opening the forward, for fear that it contains a virus?

There's an answer to that dilemma, and I sent a link to a few of you recently after I found out about it on MomDot. And no, it wasn't a forward! It's a cool website ForwardOn.Com. Instead of sending it to everyone in your mailbox, and possibly annoying people, now you can upload those videos and cute things you found (or had forwarded it to you) and they can get a SAFE link. (Think of it as the YouTube of forwards).

To use FowardOn, you need to sign up for an account. Then, you upload the things you coughused to forwardcough and send a link to your ForwardOn page. For each view of your iems, you earn points, that can be redeemed at many online businesses, like Amazon, iTunes or Shell.

Now, go on over and check ForwardOn out and take a look at my first upload: Chris Pirillo freaking out of a USB chime that won't. shut. up!

As for me, I won't be sending forwards, I'll be sending you over to ForwardOn.

Now, if only we could eliminate those @$^%&&%^&#* chain emails, then I'd be happy!


Mike Golch said…
good idea.

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