Tasty Thursday Again!

This week, a staple of my youth: Mom's Marinara Sauce! In addition, Chicken Cutlet parm that was inspired by Borelli's and Eggplant Parm, perfect for Fridays during Lent.

Come on over to MomDot and check these recipes out!

Here are the pictures:
It's not Marinara without onions.
Sweating the onions and peppers.
Five minutes later.

The peeled tomatoes. They should be mashed, and they give a nice amount of chunky bites.A nice big, pot of marinara. Yum.


Mike Golch said…
sounds yummy to me!
Jientje said…
Yes, it does!! I never understood why people buy jars either!
AccidentalMommy said…
I don't like my sauce chunky - except for if it has meat in it. I like Greek spaghetti!

It looks good though!
Suzanne said…
Jientje, I'll admit I do buy jars because I've found brands that are good (not great). Nothing beats homemade, though.

Kim, you can always make it with all crushed tomatoes. If I know it's going on a pizza at some point, that's what I'll do.

Mike, I'll set a plate for you!

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