Confessions of a Packrat

When you get a bargain on stuff you actually USE, you stock up. Then, ten years later (or almost five, depending on which tour of duty with Bath and Body Works we're talking about), you still have an obscene amount of lotions and sprays. In my defense, it's stockpiled because these are the rare fragrances to which I'm NOT allergic. However, it's time to downsize and let someone else enjoy the good stuff.
My oldest bottle of perfume. It was given to me by my Dad about 20 years ago (he's been gone 18), but I hardly wear it because I don't want it to be gone, KWIM? It's a link to Dad. It still smells good, too.This is the pile of crap I keep saying I will eBay. That is one of the big rubbermaid tubs. It is FULL of Disney stuff, namely toys that people bought for the boys, not realizing that they had too much stuff and/or it was too young for them. Then there's the small quantity of Pottery Barn stuff, too.

Except for the perfume, it's all going bye bye, along with a big pile of my clothes.


did I scare you?
Jientje said…
It feels nice to declutter, and you've found an excellent home for your stuff!
Suzanne said…
SB, Nah, this is stuff that I've been planning to get rid of anyway. We have two armoires from the Poly (thank you, Mouse Surplus) that we got for Chef-but they're so tall, we can't put them in his room. Instead, we're ditching our Ikea dressers and this means I need to cull down my clothes. (Someone at the Salvation Army is going to loooooove all the Disney clothes!)

Jientje, it does feel good to declutter!
Delswife said…
You're going to love the freedom of being rid of it all too.

We got rid of SO much stuff when we moved. I don't even know why we had so much stuff, or where it came from, or in some cases, who it belonged too.

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