Label Daddy BlogHer '09 Scholarship Entry

Remember when nearly every blogger I knew went to BlogHer ‘08? At the time, I wrote about what blogging meant to me. Today, you're going to hear and see a little more of that.

Why? because MomDot and Label Daddy are having contests for Label Daddy's BlogHer 09 Scholarship! Label Daddy BELIEVES in the POWER of BLOGS!

They're sponsoring Trisha, Bridgette and Alicia at MomDot's hotel fees for BlogHer. Even better, they are sponsoring Sara, the Label Daddy mommy blogger's WHOLE trip! Label Daddy is awarding two partial scholarships and a full scholarship !

Long time readers know that I'm still job hunting. The current plan is to eBay my way there. Heck, I'll even flash some boobies, if that's what it takes, but I’d rather show MomDot or Label Daddy team why they should send me!

I first started the blog to keep in touch with family and friends. The title "So, You Don't Get Any Phone Calls From Me" was inspired by complaints of infrequent dialings on my end. The original dozen readers rallied around me when my mom was dying of cancer.

Two years of writing passed with complaints that I didn’t write often enough. I got this crazy idea that I could blog every day for the month of November for NaBloPoMo 2007. What would I say? How would I get through it? The thought that scared me before I even started-what if no one comments?

My fears were unfounded. I made new friends, fellow bloggers who laughed at the stupid stuff, and gave comfort in sad times They inspired me and tagged me with memes and awards. Thanks to their unconditional support, I blogged about my Foreclosure and losing my job. The support helped more than anyone not in this blogging world can ever understand. I get frequent hits to my blog from that BlogHer entry. In the past year, I’ve held many hands through foreclosures. All because of one post. My post.

That single entry showed me that blogging is far reaching, that coming over my fear and embarrassment last February to tell the story was the right thing to do. In the short run, it gave me support, but in the long term, I am helping others in the same boat.

When things go well, bloggers cheer with you, like when Gameboy decided to give me a Mother's Day gift that was priceless

The desire to go to BlogHer '09 stems from a need to give back, to give the hugs to those who need them most, to cheer those who are doing well and to lend a hand to those who need it most. To me, the most important thing about blogging is to participate and contribute what you can.

What better way to do it than to be among my peers at BlogHer '09 in Chicago this July?


Joyce-Anne said…
Hey, we know the internet changed the world. In fact, political experts say, blogging helped an African-American get elected President. So, Label Daddy should believe in its power! You go girl! (But, I'm not looking at your boobies...heeheehee)
AccidentalMommy said…
I thought that was poinent (sp?) and well said! I've only recently just met you through blogging but the amount of support and encouragement I have gotten from you is something I will carry with me forever.

Good luck and here's to meeting each other at Blogher!!!

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