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BlogHer '09 Full Sponsorship
As promised, I'm sharing my experiences with Label Daddy, who is fully sponsoring a trip to:

As the mom of two boys, I'm used to things disappearing. You name it, we've lost it. Silly me, I thought that when they got older, that we wouldn't lose stuff. I was wrong. They're Scouts. We send them off with various camping gear, never to be seen again. It happens.

Enter Label Daddy. They've got great labels reasonably priced, perfect for marking all the kid’s stuff. Two orders later and Label Daddy has impressed me on many fronts, especially-

1. Quick service. Both orders shipped within 24 hours. I got an email with a link to the FedEx tracking page. Both arrived cross country in five days!

2. Quality products. I first ordered their small all purpose labels to use in clothing. Their labels can be laminated, but Gameboy has sensory issues. I skipped it on the first order to minimize irritating him. Guess what? They've washed up great without fading!

Medium All Purpose
labels are great for labeling all our camping gear. Since they’re going on things that will be outdoors. I ordered these laminated in a bright color that would be easy to see. (I could have been a mean Mom and pinked out the boy’s stuff, but I chose red).

3.Great Value-The labels average .20 to .45 cents each, which a lot cheaper than replacing the toys, games and sports/camping gear! For a few pennies more, they can be laminated.

The best part? Scott and Gregg's personal attention to each order. Seriously-how often do you get an email back from the OWNER when you order something?

Label Daddy, I want you to send me to BlogHer '09, because you've made it easier to keep my stuff!


AccidentalMommy said…
I'll be hiding in your suitcase! Good luck in the contest!

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