The Lament of a Lefty

After 42 years on this planet, I've known I'm different. Many things come to mind, but being a lefty is something I just accept that hey, the world isn't designed for my dominant hand. Adapting is something that is second nature and I rarely think of the fact that I am a southpaw. (though some would say I'm more ambidextrous than normal.)

While it's been no big deal to me, I realize that it creates a problem of sorts for my other half. See, I think part of his joy at having two boys is that his visions for the future included manly man stuff like watching races together, going camping and eventually, playing music together.

It hasn't quite worked out that way.

The camping thing has come along nicely, he's got a monster truck buddy in Chef Junior but the music thing? Well, there's this small problem of Ed being the lone righty and our children? Well, they're not.

The Punnett Square defied the odds with our two. We've got two lefties. For most activities, that's an asset to be coveted. A lefty pitcher, hitter or golfer is cool. A lefty guitarist, though, has a harder time.

Ed and I poked our heads in the local Guitar Center. When I was still employed, I went in there and ultimately looked at some drums because Chef has been asking more and more to get a set. He drums the dashboard, the table, my head. He definitely picked up his father's sense of rhythm.

However, the child also has mentioned guitars. One thing about guitars and nine year olds-the full size ones are too big for small hands. Three quarter scale are a better choice, but harder to come by. Then factor in a lefty? Good luck!

I guess its a good thing we don't have the money for a lefty 3/4 guitar, because that's not an easy acquisition.

Guess it's a good thing the kid has been asking for drums.

Still a bummer that Ed's visions of playing guitar with his son won't easily be met.

Sometimes, being a lefty just sucks.


Mike Golch said…
Yep being a lefty sucks to some extent. what really sucks is that some lefties were forced to becom righties.that just screws you up to no end.I started out in the world as a lefty,my Dad said one lefty in the family was enough,between him and poblic school I was forced to become a right handed person.
daysgoby said…
Hey, but at least I had a legitimate reason for sucking when I first drove a stick shift!!

(I kid. I love manual steering.)

Neither of my kids are southpaws, which made me sadder than I'd like to admit!
Joyce-Anne said…
I know you've heard it before...but lefties are the only ones in their right minds. :)
Anonymous said…
I'm a lefty and I think it's an ADVANTAGE when playing a regular guitar. Honestly, the left hand does a lot of intricate work in fingering the chords.
- Doreen in PA
Jientje said…
I am a lefty too.
But I don't play guitar!
Bob said…
try a 3/4 classic guitar and restring it backwards, should work.
I got a decent one on ebay
AccidentalMommy said…
I'm a lefty and when I used to play guitar I'd play righty. It just felt more normal to me but I also use scissors with my right hand.
Becca is a lefty, so I know what you mean about adapting. Ibought her a rightie guitar...though she never did learn how to play it.
Elaine said…
Honestly I also think that being a lefty is a MAJOR advantage for playing guitar. Don't fall for the extra cost for a lefty, it is easier if you have good strong left hands to do the chords in teh first place.

I swear they made lefty guitars just to suck money out of people.

Being ambidextrous was a good thing when it came to playing predominantly left handed instruments.

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