The Pause Button

Yesterday's Soundtrack Sunday brought back memories of small boys in the backseat of a car, singing Bear's "Goodbye Song" or the Toileteer song from a potty training video or Gameboy changing the lyrics of an October Project to "Don't Take My Mommy". Those days were notorious for me saying that I hadn't found the darn pause buttons on my kids.

You know what I mean, right?

You want to freeze those adorable moments, to stay in that stage forever. For years, I complained I hadn't found the pause button! I wanted to stay at certain ages and stages forever.

At the time, I didn't stop to consider the fast forward, rewind and eject buttons. Those would be good, too. Maybe even better than that pause button I was fixated on.

Kid said something so funny that you want to share it with the world? Rewind
Kid's throwing a temper tantrum? Fast Forward
Meltdown at DEFCON 4 and climbing? Eject
Child has mastered something for the first time and your spouse isn't around to see it? Rewind
Wishing that bedtime was a little closer because they just are driving you INSANE? Fast Forward.
And someone else didn't get it about your child's special needs and you're paying the price? Eject (the other person), then fast forward until your child has calmed down.

Just think of the possibilities. Now, if only I could make it happen, I'd be rich!


Shannon said…
Oh man, aren't you right! Great post. I totally agree with these. I want to pause my kids at this age. Sure I don't get sleep but I love the baby stage and they are learning new things daily! I could fast forward the poopie dipes though! LOL
mine are teens now, making my hir go gray. can I rewind to ages 10 and 8?
AccidentalMommy said…
I would definitely like to pause certain moments of them every day.
Joyce-Anne said…
I am sooooo with you on this. Love the idea of fast forwarding past the tantrum. Yet, holding on to those very cute, innocent and sweet moments.

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