Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

When you're a parent, you end up watching hours upon hours of children's programming. Most if is is stuff you'd like to find industrial strength earplugs because it's extremely annoying.

Sometimes, though, there are the gems among the stuff that passes as educational. One of the friends from college that I reconnected with via Facebook worked on one of the best shows the boys watched. A comment made on a cast and crew picture today reminded me of how much I liked their "Goodbye" song, as well as the other shows in the Playhouse Disney lineup at the time.

Step in the wayback machine, because I think that both are gone from the Disney channel lineup:

Out of the Box Tony and Vivian would sing songs, do crafts and teach lessons in a cool playhouse in their backyard. (We saw them live at Dulles in 2000 and enjoyed the live as much as the show)

Bear in the Big Blue House. This Henson Production show is something that Jim would have loved. Great characters, production quality and songs.

Alas, a couple of the others that would find Ed and I singing along aren't to be found on YouTube in a decent form. Two Jim Jinkins shows, PB and J Otter and Stanley had great songs throughout the shows. In addition to them, towards the end of our Playhouse Disney viewing days, the Wiggles came on and I can't say who enjoyed the songs more, me or the kids!

Their show gave me the impression that I'd love in Australia-the Aussies don't seem to take life too seriously!

Nowadays, there is more that one son in particular likes that I cannot stand (some show with a whiny skunk and rabbit, among others), but there are two that are fashioned after bigger kid shows and survivor that I actually know all the words to the theme songs and gasp! I even have been known to watch along with him.

At least one of us can whistle along at the end of the Total Drama Island theme song.

And from the same people (and using much of the same voice talent) is 6Teen:

How about you? Got any shows that someone else in your house watches that you can't help but sing along?


Janna Bee said…
Aww.... I loved the Bear in the Big Blue house. Now I am sad. We still have the potty one on DVD- maybe I'll pop that in for the kids!
Shannon said…
Oh goodness. My boys are only allowed to watch Sprout because they are so little (and in strict moderation). I am sooo tired of the Barney song and I always have this the theme song from Scruff in my head. No one's probably heard of it but it's a foreign DVD we got in the dollar bin at Wal-Mart. The them song says, "Hi I'm Scruff as happy as can be, wherever I go I'm always full of beans." Yeah it's ALWAYS in my head! LOL
Grandy said…
I used to LOVE Bear and Out of the Box show (or whatever it's called). They were sweet. :)

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