The Mystery of the Lost Followers

Here on Blogger, there is a very cool feature that was introduced several months ago. If you have a Blogger account(you don't even need to have a blog), you can 'follow' (or as Grandy calls it, stalk) any other blog. When you sign into your Blogger account, there's a feed list of sorts, one that you can go down and check on your favorites if you don't want to use a feed reader (or even if you do).

Anyway, many Bloggers recently complained of losing followers. Where did they go? Are they lost somewhere, stranded along a random dirt road off the information superhighway?

More likely, some recent minute Blogger change took them off follow status. SuzanneSez only had a few followers (just seven of you,) so it wasn't that dramatic, but now I've only got 5. I've lost more than a quarter of my followers and they may not even know it!

On top of that, I've been asked by a friend how she can follow my blog. Considering all the lost followers spirited away somewhere, I'll put that information here for everyone to use.

Depending on the Blogger template we use, the blog may or may not have a 'follow me' (or in Grandy's case, 'stalk me') button. Sooooo, if the blog doesn't have a button, go into your Blogger Dashboard, scroll down below the fold and you will see a "Reading List" header. On the left side of this block is a list of Blogs.

At the bottom, there is a blue 'add' button. Once you click it, an input box appears. Cut and paste your favorite blog's URL (the home page one, not the one that takes you to a post, like, say "Favorite Authors") into the box and save.

Now you're no longer lost on that dirt road that took you off the Internet! I promise that I don't bite (much), so you don't have to follow me anonymously!

Pardon me, I need to check my list and make sure I didn't get stranded on that dirt road when I really wanted to read your blogs. Especially you, Grandy!


AccidentalMommy said…
Maybe they took a vacation!

I have a blogger account but only so I can comment on blogs like yours who FORCE me to in order to leave a comment. ;) LOL
Mike Golch said…
Ok you got me I have been following you a long time. i just do not coment on every posting.
Suzanne said…
Kim, I only did that because I got a lot of spam prior to doing it. I'll try opening it up and see where that goes, but it may go back to Blogger ID's only.

Mike, I've been seeing your Dulcimer there all along, lol! (I was making mention of the "Great Authors" post because I have one person who obviously bookmarked THAT post and comes in from it frequently. (Oh and I've got people who have been reading forever that never comment, so you're fine.)
Joyce-Anne said…
Now, I'm official...k?
Shannon said…
Oh thanks for the info. That's helpful.
Grandy said…
I actually lost 8 off my follower list. Interesting. If I have the box there I'm doing it right...right? ;)

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