Reports From the Field

It is a gorgeous weekend for camping. Not quite as warm as predicted, but still rather pleasant. We had a brief cloud cover a while ago, but it has passed. Twenty years ago, if you told me I'd be camping, I would have told you you were crazy. If you told me I'd be camping in FEBRUARY, I would have called the men in white coats to haul your butt away!

This is the bridge we traveled over to get to the campsite, all in order to avoid Malfunction Junction (where I4 and I275 meet) during rush hour. Friday rush hour and a three day weekend at that intersection is not one I recommend enduring!

The view about 100 feet from our tent. In the distance, the low white domed structure is Tropicana Field.

Yes, I got in the water. Salt water is supposed to be good for My Stupid Leg(trademark pending) and I took a dip in the hopes of stoping the #$%@$^@$^#$$!@#$^ itching! So far, so good. Water is probably about 65 degrees right now.

Obviously, some of us don't like to follow the rules:
In their defense, I'd call that wading, not swimming.

It's a nice campsite, and I'll tell more when I return tomorrow afternoon.


Mike Golch said…
great photos,I hope that you and the family have a great weekend.
Staci said…
Looks like fun! We always have a blast when we go camping.

You've won over at my blog, please send me your info when you get a chance!
Wow, great photos! I didn't realize your camping involved THE BEACH! Fun!

That bridge is cool..I'm a bit of an architecture nerd
I'm not one for camping...but that beach sure looks like fun.
Janna Bee said…
That looks like fun, and so warm! Jealous as usual.
Joyce-Anne said…
I like the beach idea...not the camping though.
Suzanne said…
Mike, we did have a good weekend, thanks.

Staci, thanks! Sent you my info and yes, camping is a blast with a group.

Kim, I'm fascinated with bridge architecture-Ed was telling me to knock it off already when I was taing the pictures!

SB, the beach was really nice. Not warm enough for sunbathing, but definitely nice enough to dip the tootsies in the bay.

Janna, the offer still stands, come on down!

Joyce, you never know-you might have a cub scout of your own and will end up where I was!

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