Small Talk Six

There's a new feature over at MomDot that looks like a bunch of fun, the Small Talk Six. Each week, there's a list of six items and participants answer with six words, sentences, photos, etc- whatever is needed to answer the question.

This week's Six?
6 songs that you love to dance to when nobody’s looking

Those of you who know me well know that I love to dance, but it doesn't love me. Instead, I end up singing along and chair dancing, lest I show my clumsy ways.

My six are:
Rock Lobster-the B52's (more cowbell!)

Hot Hot Hot!-Buster Poindexter

Rocky Horror Picture Show-Time Warp

Lou Bega-Mambo Number 5

Romantics-What I Like About You

Steve Harwell-Fun in the Sun (not the official video, but funny. AND this song just shows that Steve IS the Smashmouth sound!)

Head over to MomDot to see what everyone else chose. You never know, you might end up with a great iTunes dance compilation. For when you're alone, of course!


Mike Golch said…
I really enjoyed the videos.thanks for sharing them.
I love that song by the Romantics! I totally remember dancing to that one!!

Karen of the MomDot Street Team
Upstatemomof3 said…
Great list!! I cannot watch the videos now but I love all of those songs!! I am definitely coming back to see those videos.
Amanda said…
How can you not dance to those? Especially the Time Warp?
Anonymous said…
Thanks for putting up the videos to the songs. Very entertaining.
Staci said…
Great list! I totally forgot about Mambo #5 until I saw it on your list!
Suzanne said…
Mike, my pleasure!

Karen, that song has a soft spot for me-I got up on stage and sang it with a band once to try to win a nice jacket! Always makes me move!

Upstatemom, you need to come back and get your dancing shoes on!

Amanda, It's just a jump to the left...

Conversations, I had to share the songs. It would be a tease if I didn't!

Staci, half the time, it's the lyrics to Disney Mambo #5 that comes out, but it's such a catchy song that you can't help it!

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