Kid Plus Mom's Razor Equals

Interesting results!

We returned from the camping trip and had plans to visit Bob, Maureen and Coaster Kid. My kids were coated with a layer of dirt and sand, so each was told they were to take a bath, Gameboy first.

Due to having the sensory issues, he does NOT like to wash his hair. He asked me to cut his hair in an effort to avoid washing it. I told him it had to be washed, even did it to ensure he wasn't too smelly.

Well, he comes out of the tub reasonably clean (today, he was introduced to a pumice stone to slough off the elbows and knees he doesn't clean well). Chef was up next. As is typical, Chef called for my assistance with the fact that "Mom, there's HAIR in the tub." Yes, there was more than what Gameboy sheds, but hey, he could have sweated a bunch of it out while camping.

Nope. A few minutes later, Gameboy was sitting in front of the TV and turned to ask a question. Hmmm, he looks different. See if you can see the difference:
Yes, he did this to himself. (and the bug eyed look is because he knows the red eye reducer fires the flash three times-he opened them really wide between the second and third!) Apparently, he decided that my razor on the size of the tub would be a quick way to get out of washing his hair.

We met up with Ed for his dinner break and each of us had some ideas about how we could modify the look. Ed said it looked like he was attempting to do Peter Gabriel's reverse mowhawk:
I thought that I could continue the look by putting crop circles on his head. Then he could say that aliens visited:
Meanwhile, Chef Jr. said we could adjust it to make his head the reverse of the Avatar Aang's head arrow:

I'm debating how long I should torture him by leaving it this way. I'm thinking I should send him to school and scouts with his modified look before taking the electric clippers to it. If you were me, how long would you wait?

So far, he seems to be pleased with the look. See? I got a genuine smile when we were coming up with things we could do to his head!


Sarah said…
Explain to me how I have avoided the haircutting disasters. I have 3 children all curious and creative. You would think I would have been here by now. I'm guessing the end is going to be a straight buzz cut huh? At least summer is on the way...eventually...right?

That is an "Accidental Mommy Moment" if I ever saw one!


I think you should grant his wish and just shave it all. Or get him flat-top and a nice hat. Maybe a beret?
Tena said…
Never a dull moment with boys!!
ligirl said…
Oh. no. he. didn't!!!! That is TOO funny! Love, Love, LOVE his smile in the last pic, though!!!! To me, that is totally WORTH it!!!

Definately save these pics for when he gets older.

Oh My! I can't believe that this hasn't happened in our house yet. My kids don't cut their own hair but they have cut the poor dogs hair a few times.
Haasiegirl said…
charlotte has cut hers too. That is SO funny. I hope its not picture day anytime soon.

Shannon said…
Oh wow! Definitely save that one! :) I need to go hide the scissors now...
Joyce-Anne said…
Just so you know girls are NOT immune to cutting their hair either. The Mayor decided her bangs were in her eyes at school and cut the offensive hair out of her way. Her haircut was not as noticeable as Gameboy's. So, did he go to school like that? He might like very cute with a mostly shaved head. Love the last pic - that's a fantastic smile. Maybe you should use that shot in your header.
Joyce-Anne said…
Oops! I meant to say he might *look* very cute with a mostly shaved head.
Joyce-Anne said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miranda said…
That is too funny! looks like he did a fairly nice job of handling the razor though. lol
Yasmine said…
mom wouldnt do it, so he had to do it himself! =]
Suzanne said…
Sarah, we're fortunate that we live in Florida-a shaved head isn't uncommon, nor will he freeze.

Kim, it sure is an Accidental Mommy moment. The razor is NOT tub side anymore. I will shave it after he goes to school and scouts Tuesday!

Tena, you've got that right. I prefer having boys, because this is easier than clothing drama!

Donna, I know-we never really get smiles like that, do we?

Linda, trust me, those pictures will get trotted out for maximum embarrassment when he's older!

AJ, the poor dog! I recently saw a blog where the dog was colored with blue permanent marker!

Trisha, middle school doesn't do picture day, thank God. I was, however, going to have him participate in my Label Daddy video!

Sharon, yes, hide the scissors-and the razors, too!

Joyce, he had off for President's day, but they'll see it in the morning! :D

Miranda, it's scary how good he was with the razor, gross motor issues and all!

Yasmine, I think you hit the nail on the head. He changed his mind, though! ;)

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