A Camping We Will Go

This morning, the day began with some glorious Florida winter weather. 80 degrees, with the forecast calling for sunny skies until Sunday and lows in the mid 60s. It's the weather that we used to come to Florida to escape the cold, snowy north.

It is perfect weather for camping, which is what is on tap for the weekend. What better way for us to spend a holiday that celebrates love than to be with the three men I love the most?

There was no guest blogger chosen for the weekend, so I make this quick post today and will venture out in search of bandwidth to post tomorrow. I know the area surrounding the camp site very well and have several prospects. Additionally, we decided on lunch from a local landmark tomorrow, which I'll grab on my way back in after posting tomorrow.

To all of you, a happy Valentine's Day!


Have a great time knowing I'm totally jealous of your 80 degree weather but not the bugs that come with it...especially while camping.

Joyce-Anne said…
Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you all have a great camping trip.
Suzanne said…
Kim, February camping means no bugs!

Joyce, we did have a good time, thanks!

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