What's For Dinner Wednesday

It has been said on the blog more than a few times: I don't care for meatloaf. It was my Dad's favorite meal in the world. As such, growing up, I had it just about every Tuesday night from as far back as I could remember until I hit high school and had choir rehearsals on Tuesday nights.

Don't get me wrong, there has been the occasional meatloaf that I've enjoyed. Those usually are ones that take the concept and go far afield. Southwest style, Gyro style, and that sort of thing. So it was a little surprising last week that we were watching "Diners, DriveIns and Dives" and I started drooling. It's a given that Ed was already coveting the loaf of meat-he loves the stuff.

What was it about this one that got me to actually WANT it? They showed a loaf wrapped in bacon, wrapped in parchment and foil and baked. Now, their meatloaf recipe didn't really appeal (currants? In a meatloaf?), but the gears started turning. Pork fat could definitely improve the dish. How about some cheddar cheese rolled in the middle for a Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf?

Now we're talking. Thus I started making a basic meatloaf this afternoon. As I was mixing, I was thinking I needed some Worcestershire Sauce. When I opened the fridge, something else appealed instead. Bob and Maureen had given us a bottle of Peter Luger steak sauce, a yummy concoction with tons of horseradish in it. That would be good. In it went.

It turned out REALLY good. Moist (thanks to the bacon, tasty (the steak sauce) and not quite as cheesy as I'd hoped. The bacon added a great flavor. The better part was that initially, Gameboy turned up his nose at it, but even he liked it.

Here's a tease for tomorrow's Tasty Thursday column. I didn't have pictures of my homemade brownies, so I put the step by step of making from scratch!


daysgoby said…
Bacon-wrapped meat loaf is (usually - WTF currants??) wonderful stuff! Jamie uses that thick-cut hickory maple smoked stuff - delish!
Jientje said…
I LOVE meatloaf myself, and wrapping it in bacon seems like an excellent idea! I should try that next time!
As for that brownie dough? Girl you're making me drool!! And I'm trying to loose weight, so brownies are definitely out of the question. For now.
Tena said…
okay, so set some extra plates next week, me and the monkey's are coming to your house for dinner!!
Suzanne said…
Jess, Ooooh, I just went with what I had in the fridge. Country slab bacon sounds even better!

Jientje, I really don't like meatloaf and I loved this one. (I also learned that Ed is but putty in my hands if I make this again!)
Virtual brownies have no calories-just be glad I don't have smell o vision on the blog!

Tena, bring the monkeys and we'll have a huge chocolate feast!

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