I Can Honestly Say the Kids Learned Something This Summer

We're working on allowing the boys some measure of independence. They can stay home by themselves for short periods of time. So far, so good.

Chef Jr, ever his father's son, worried about getting Gameboy to do things. Gameboy, on the other hand, probably was happy at the prospect of free reign, without Mom or Dad saying no to everything. Now that they've done this a couple of times, both are spreading their wings. Gameboy is showing more maturity than we expected.

I ran out to the market a little while ago. The pantry and fridge are bare, with not even enough to cobble together dinner. There wasn't even milk for breakfast or bread for sandwiches. Both boys were engrossed in some sort of game, and honestly, dragging them along shopping is an exercise in "buy me this, because I saw it on TV and it must be good" or begging for soda. Lots of soda. When I go alone, I can get in and out of the market in under thirty minutes and spend half what I do when anyone else goes with me.

While I was gone, the kids were thirsty. As I mentioned, the fridge was empty of milk and they didn't want to drink straight lemon juice. Gameboy wanted Kool Aid, because I've been making a couple of gallons of it a week. I know, you're wondering how I can make him something that's laden with dye. I'm not, because Kool Aid makes Invisible. See?
[The rarely seen in a supermarket flavor, Grape. However, Amazon offers it and will notify me when they get it. Score.]

For this reason, we have Kool Aid. Lots of it. See?That's about 25 packets of the stuff, topping our supply of artificial sweetener packets used for company.

Anyway, Gameboy said he wanted Kool Aid, Chef got the bright idea that he would make Kool Aid. It's easy, right?

Two packets, Kiwi for Chef and Cherry for Gameboy.

In 12 oz cups.

Without sugar.

As soon as I came home, they were happy to see me. Of course, that's because I came bearing FOOD. The first question I got was "Is there anything to drink?", as Chef unloads the Baja Breeze from me (the first Mountain Dew flavor I like-enough to go through the Taco Hell drive through for JUST a drink!)

They were quite happy to report that they made Kool Aid, "but it tasted bad.". My first question was to ask what they made it in, since the gallon pitcher I normally make it in was still in the sink with soapy water in it.

"We made it in cups." Cups?

I saw the sugar canister still atop the fridge, so I already knew the answer to the next question, "You know you're supposed to use sugar in it, right?"

"Ohhhhhh, that's why it tasted like lemon juice!"

What followed was a lesson in making Kool Aid. One I'm sure will stay with them long after this summer is over!


Mike Golch said…
I think I eve made that mistake once.
Jennifer H said…
Leave it to men (boys) not to read the directions. :-)
Joyce-Anne said…
Gotta love this story. I'm sure you'll be sharing this with their girlfriends in a few more years...
Suzanne said…
Mike, I'll bet you knew to go get the sugar after realizing your error. The kids couldn't reach it!

Jennifer, you picked up on the first thing I did with the packets when we made the new batch. They read those directions (darn ADHD!)

Joyce, I could share that with Chef's coworkers in his gourmet restaurant, now can't I?!
Ryan The Intern said…
True story: My roommate and I went to Taco Bell on Sunday just so he could get that Baja Mountain Dew...and they were out. He pouted for a solid half hour.
Suzanne said…
Ryan, I am seriously addicted to the stuff. Normally, I can't stand Mountain Dew in any form. Ed, OTOH, lives for any flavor of it.

Maybe it's because this one is blue, lol!

Your poor room mate. Tell him I'm sorry! ;) I can't even send him a bottle!

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