It's Going to Be a Long Summer

It has begun. One week into summer vacation, and Gameboy is at his worst. Screaming, crying, yelling at the top of his lungs. Over the stupid, freaking video games. Imaging your two year old's tantrums multiplied by a factor of ten. That would be Gameboy, screaming that "They're Cheating!", "I don't want to lose", "I want the Wii", "NO FAIR!" and "I'm not done playing."

If this is what a week is like, Lord give me strength. I'm ready to commit the kid. Nothing is sinking in.

He's been lectured and warned that I will take the games away for the summer. I might even get that phone number for an institution.

Asperger's sucks. Royally.


ligirl said…
*sigh* Sorry to hear you're all having such a rough time of it already. I wish there was something I could do to help. You know that I am always just a phone call away if you need to vent, right? Are there any such things in your area such as Autism or Aspie support groups? For the kids AND their parents?
Anonymous said…
I do not envey your.the terrible twos times ten?Yikes.
Jennifer H said…
Sorry to hear it's a rough week (summer?). Wish I could send you some extra patience. Maybe you could add something to your own glass of KoolAid?

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