The Air is Redolent of Garlic

While in the oven, a pepperoni roll bakes. I had to cut it in half, so there are two pepperoni rolls. Some coworkers and I are each bringing a lunch item to share tomorrow, as we've got a stretch (or as my company calls it, Bell to Bell).

I originally offered up making garlic knots, but realized we didn't have a lot of protein in the offerings. I figured the dough recipe could quickly be rolled up into one big roll, rather than a bunch of little ones. Serve it with some marinara for dipping and voila, it's like we're back up north.

Now the house smells like an Italian restaurant. That's good. However, it as eliminated all the yummy smells of dinner: Roast Beef with a red wine gravy and smashed taters. Oh well.

It seems that my days off are spent puttering in the kitchen. This one doesn't have a lot of counter space to work in when you like to cook, but I'm combating it by doing the dishes as I go.

I know Chef's enjoying all the food, because I have designs on leftovers when I come home from work some days only to find he's happily consumed ALL of the leftovers! :) He's especially happy when I make those pork chops. I half expect to come home tomorrow night and find the big bowl of mashed potatoes gone. He's channeling his Aunt Giggles, that boy.


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