More Humor from Chef Junior

Living with Chef, you're guaranteed several laughs a day. The kid is funny. He just is, and at nearly 9, he knows how to work the room.

He was playing the Wii recently, and had acquired a needed object in Legend of Zelda. (He's since conquered the game) All he kept saying about it was "My Precious," sounding exactly like Gollum in LoTR. My nut job.

I mentioned the Zapps the other day. I got an email from a friend on Wednesday asking about them. Of course, this put them in my head and I had to go open one of the bags Ed brought home. Salt and Vinegar, to be exact.

Chef sees the handful of chips in my hand and asks for some. I gave him half of what I had. A few minutes pass and I hear the sound of the bag being picked up in the kitchen. I look over to the doorway and there he is with the bag in hand. Now, we don't deny the kids food, but they have to ask before taking it. I asked him exactly what he was doing.

Next thing I know, the child is trying to do a Jedi Mind Push on me! He waves his hand and says "You did not see this. This did not happen. Nothing to see here, " as he backtracks and puts the bag back on the counter.

Five minutes later, he was sitting next to me with the bag.


imaginary binky said…
Hahaha! Nothing to see here. Keep moving, people. You never saw nothin'.
Laura said…
My kids would SO TOTALLY DO THAT!! I am rolling--hehehe.

And I love Zapps. Bestest chips ever. You have made me laugh, and you have made me hungry.

Rebecca said…
Sounds like something my husband would say. :)
Gypsydoodlebug said…
Bwahahaha! Awesome. Ok, not awesome, but the Jedi coverup is awesome.

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