Plentiful Ideas for Future Posts

All this idle time at work has given me time to come up with blog ideas. They're related to specific dates or Soundtrack Sundays, so you'll have to wait to see them. Sorry. Let's just say the well isn't running dry on the Blog 365 challenge. In three weeks, I'll be halfway through the year and at eight months of non stop blogging. Are you sick of me yet?

Work also has brought some interesting happenings. On Monday, I came up with an idea to help us out that wasn't taken too well by one of our ranks. However, once it was explained HOW it helps (and not by me), the person who'd been most likely to 'snake' sales went from complaining about the system. He has embraced it. He and I chatted many times over today and I think we're gaining some respect for each other's ideas. He stated that he thought the idea was horrible, but now likes it.

It's cool to be the 'answer lady' once again, and hey, a new nickname emerged. Nancy Drew. The person who called me that has NO idea how often I'd read those as a kid!

Had an interesting situation the first week that took me off guard. I thought I handled it well at the time, but now I'm not so sure. Your opinions would be appreciated.

Here's the situation:

One of the first nights working, it was slow and I was showing a couple of coworkers the pictures I have in my planner. They are mostly baby pictures of the boys, but there was a picture of me from Giggles wedding. One coworker commented how beautiful/sexy I look in the picture. He later says "You look so sexy in that picture, do you have any of you in a bikini in there?"

I was stunned. Honestly, what woman carries around a picture of themselves in a bikini? I was disgusted with the implication that he wanted to see more of me than is acceptable. It shocked me into not speaking up at the time.

Over the next couple of days, I avoided the coworker and did a slow burn. He noticed that I was avoiding him and complained to me about it. (couple the comment with the fact that this man is extremely lazy, which irritates the hell out of me). I calledhim on the comment and how much it offended me. Further, he's a married man, I'm a married woman and asking a coworker for something that private is deplorable. It's rude, it's wrong and I won't tolerate it. His excuse? "My English isn't so good."

At the time, I told him that he's on warning: anything of that nature said to me again gets him in serious trouble with the higher ups. A few days later, I told the GM what had happened, to kind of give a heads up to keep an eye on him. It's in his store file.

The more I think about it, the more I get steamed. One, he used a cop out about his language skills. Total BS. Two, he insulted my intelligence by thinking I'd buy it. Three, he disrespected his wife and marriage vows by attempting to hit on me. Most importantly, he hit on me, which disrespects me and my relationship.

At the time, I thought warning him and being quite firm about how it was unacceptable was the best scenario. Now, I see what a manipulator he is (trying to do as little work as possible, pulling the "I don't understand" card to get out of work when he clearly does understaind, etc). I think I should have said something when it happened and called the corporate hotline.

All I know is that I stay away from him at all costs. I barely say hello and it's obvious to him that I am NOT happy with him. Its only a matter of time before he complains that I talk to everyone but him.

If you had the same thing happen, how would you have handled it?


Mike Golch said…
It is a good think I'm not a co-worker for I would have a wall to wall ceiling to floor toalk with this idiot and when I was done I'd be a0 fired or B0 I would just pounding the stuffing out of this idiot.
Joyce-Anne said…
Unfortunately, you can't avoid this co-worker entirely. However, it seems to me that his comment about you being sexy and asking about a picture of you wearing a bikini is bordering on sexual harassment. If he keeps it up, speak with management. Meanwhile, just be civil to him and if he doesn't like it-it's his problem, not yours. Your other co-workers will soon learn and see through his facade too.
Suzanne said…
Mike, somehow, I can picture you doing this despite the mellow way you are in the blogosphere.

Joyce, oh, they see the lazy factor and the myriad other things he does that would get other people in trouble! The cheese stands alone...

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