What's For Dinner Wednesday

Today, I had a vision for something to try. It required a cornmeal dough recipe, one that could be rolled out. Alas, I couldn't find one quickly, so I ventured to plan B.

Tonight's dinner was a Taco Tamale Bake. It involved browning taco beef, then making cornbread from scratch. This is what the finished result looked like:

It was a good start. My lessons for next time:
Add a little sugar to the cornmeal. A little sweetness is always needed to counterpoint the savory. (though honey would probably be better)
More meat and more cheese. Lots more.
Even if I end up with the roulade that I had envisioned, more meat and more cheese will work well.

What worked:
I have to give kudos to the person who recommended using creamed corn as the moisture. Wow, it really does keep things moist.
Quick rising cornmeal does not lie. I'm glad I tried it, instead of just using the semolina.
baking in the 13x9 pan. If the roulade doesn't come to fruition, I will make it this way again.

I'm thinking the rest of it will have some chili poured over the top of it and become lunches for us for the week.

Tomorrow's cooking includes making a Pepperoni roll to share with my coworkers on Friday. One coworker is bringing an antipasto and another a salad and I figured on making garlic knots or the roll. I got positive response to garlic knots, but outright drooling at the suggestion of pepperoni rolls.

Yesterday's post was a milestone. I exceeded any previous year's total posts in only 168 days. There are still almost 200 days left, and I wonder if at this rate, there might be 500 posts in one year.


Mike Golch said…
sound good to me. That's my story. i hoe you are haveing a great day. Many hugs and God's blessings your way.

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