I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream

For Italian Ices.

A few weeks ago, when leaving my landlord's and stopping by Jill's to cat sit, I saw a sign that said "Coming Soon-Rita's Italian Ices." I think I even mentioned it here, because I was stoked. Since then, Chef and I drove down there and discovered the sign was gone. Pout, whimper, whine.

Last week, I had a customer come in and the conversation turned to the fact that it was his day off from his business. "What do you do?" I asked and boy, was I happy to hear he owned an Italian Ice Shop. Score!

We chatted about Rita's, Ralph's and the merits of various ices. His was more like Ralph's, there were over 70 flavors and I wanted some right away when he told me they made Cannoli cream ices.

Tonight, we finally made our way over to Rocco's Italian Gourmet Ices. It was definitely worth the trip. The shop is chock a block with freezers with frozen confections that for such a hot climate, we were woefully lacking. Until now.

Chef enjoying his Cotton Candy. It tasted to me like they used the cotton candy sugar in the mix, because it had that definitely cooked but not burned carmelization flavor that real cotton candy has. Too sweet for my liking, and hyped Chef up-so he was happy.

Gameboy and his Lemon ice. He adores lemonade, but most manufacturers of anything lemon feel the need to put yellow dye in their products, which means Chef can't consume it. He was adamant that he was having lemon, I figured I'd deal with the aftermath since it was close to bedtime. It is not colored at all, yippee. Based on Gameboy's rapid consumption of his, I think he won't bother with any other flavor-ever.

My cherry amaretto ice. Yes, it looks like NY italian ice, not the Philly style (like Rita's). This huge bowl was two bucks and very, very tasty.

There aren't any pictures of Ed and his bowl of Passion Fruit and Watermelon. I was worried that the carnage would be too scary. In actuality, though, the contented smile would have been great advertising for them!

I am so happy that Rocco stopped in at my store last week, because we'll be venturing to his store to beat the heat with some more ices. After all, I've got 65 more flavors to try!


Mmmmmm! Italian ices!

Do they still use those little wooden paddles?

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