Sunday, June 22, 2008

In the Other Room, Ed Was Laughing

While I sat here reading blogs. I asked what was so funny and he describes a site of Photobombing on it. Some of it is NSFW, but all of it is hilarious.

Somehow, I can totally see some of my family and friends doing this. You know who you are!

3 People talked back:

Mike Golch said...

nsfw??? I guess I'm a little behind the times.

ligirl said...

Don't feel bad, Mike...I'm one of her best friends and I usually understand her acronyms but that one's a head-scratcher for me, too! P.S. I know I'm gonna be kicking myself when I find out what it is!! LOL

Suzanne said...

Sorry, guys! It's Not Suitable For Work. Mike doesn't have to worry about that one!

Considering some of the stuff you've sent me, Donna, you'll probably be fine!