What's For Dinner Wednesday

Tonight's dinner was two italian favorites, Chicken and Eggplant Parmesan.

I fried up a bunch of eggplant and rather than make a casserole, I ended up with a napoleon inspired eggplant. This is the fried eggplant before assembly:

Next, a bunch of chicken was prepared. Doing it this way ensured that everyone got their chicken with or without the accoutrements of choice:
For instance, Gameboy went for naked fried cutlet, Chef Jr just wanted cheese and Ed and I went for the traditional. A few years back, I switched how I make Chicken Parm. Instead of preparing it like a casserole, I prepare it like one of our favorite LI restaurants, Borellis. The only thing I didn't do tonight was dredge in breadcrumbs. Instead, the yummy chicken breader was used.

Those of you who've dined with us, my apologies for torturing you with pictures of a meal you've probably enjoyed. Heck, the eggplant has been known to make some of you travel five hours to see me!

A delicious wine was enjoyed, too. Monastrell Jumilla, yet another of the lovely PRP wines. We're very low on wines here, so it's rare that I'll crack a bottle open these days. This spicy but sweet wine was a good complement for the Italian food.

Yum. The best part is that there are plenty of left overs!


Anna said…
Yuuuuuuum. I'll have to try the wine, too, but yum. I had veggie soup for dinner and I needed more. Just like that. mmmm.
Grandy said…
Looks yummy! I'm on my way.

Hey...I need to ask a favor... can you come by my site and click my button? It'll make sense when you get there. :)
Jennifer H said…
Yum, indeed. I was hungry before, and now I'm starving. (Wish you could do the cooking for me tonight!)

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