Monday, June 30, 2008

If My Feet Ain't Happy, I'm Not Happy

The above picture shows the reason why I haven't taken a hacksaw to my foot. When I'm not working (and soon while I am), I am wearing my Crocs. Are they ugly? Sure are. Do they keep me from screaming in agony from foot pain? Sure do.

There's another pair not pictured that I keep at work for before hours and break time if I have to walk. The Ariats are great, but the Crocs have more springiness, which I need.

Today, I ventured over to the mall, because my employer says I can wear Crocs-just not the backless ones you see here. Well, no, you don't-the black ones are at work (the ones without holes in the top). My mission? To see if the Alice style will rub against the wound site on My Stupid Leg (trademark pending).

The good news? They have the appropriate amount of springiness and they don't rub against my wound .

My feet are getting happy just thinking about it.

4 People talked back:

Anonymous said...

...hehehe... like the toe getting a sneak-in on the photo...

Suzanne said...

There are toes on the other side, they're just encased in a compression stocking!

Saffa Chick said...

I have an irrational hatred of crocs, but I will accept that some people really have to wear them...

My Dad has no excuse and we won't be seen in public with him wearing them!

Milord is trying to talk me into letting him buy Ugg boots. Silly overpriced slipper things... I said ok if they're very cheap and he doesn't wear them out of the house. People downunder wear them to work! With shorts! Oy.

Suzanne said...


I don't get the Uggs with shorts, thing-they do that here in the states, too. It's a head scratcher.

I agree that the crocs are butt ugly, but my feet don't hurt in them. The new ones are nice enough that my boss says I dont' even need the doctor's note to wear them. Check out the Alice!