Little Surprises

Good ones:

Showing up to work and finding that the 12 hour day you thought you had was really an 8 hour day. (that was monday)

Leaving the store for break to grab some bandwidth and saying 'the heck with it, I want a Moe's taco', thinking that I'd blog offline and upload later, then finding out that Moe's has WiFi. They don't advertise it because the building was constructed before the WiFi boom and only has one electrical outlet that can be used by customers.

The bad:
I spent nearly the entire break surfing the various boards, so I didn't do a full blog entry, anyway! :)

Did I scare you with that picture?

Oh, and give a Hooray. Giggles now has entered the world of the wireless with her new laptop. I'm expecting the phone call later to tell her how to get those DS's on the 'net to play against others. Meanwhile, I'm going to get a second router for the DS's, so they can use WEP-we're set for WMA and I'm not downgrading my encription for the kids to play games.


Anonymous said…
how would you like going into work for an 8 hour shift just to be told you are stuck working an outher 8 hours.That is what routinely happened to me when I was a corrections officer.It still does and the training has gone down hill after I left.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Suzanne said…

I feel your pain. As a manager, I got stuck with a lot of those. It'll be nice to have a respite from that for a little while. However, I think corrections trumps retail in the amount of stress you endure in the typical day!
projectmommy said…
I love those little suprises. A few times when I was younger I showed up for work at the grocery store I was working at, they told me they didn't need me and I could go home! That is an awesome suprise...but yeah, I've had it the other way around too. As a nursing assistant I worked at a hospital that regularly asked if I could stay another shift of a whole extra 8 hours, but I always said no. (I breastfed and had to get home to baby) but occasionally I'd stay an extra two-three hours.
Jennifer H said…
Okay, so there were a few abbreviations I didn't understand in the last paragraph, but still...yay for WiFi!
Suzanne said…
Shanny, I've had several of those bad surprises myself. The bosses don't understand that the boobs HURT if you don't pump/nurse on time!

Jennifer, sorry for the geek speak. I've got WMA (higher) encryption, but the Nintendo DS's need the WEP (lower) encryption. Thus the need for a second router. I told Giggles which one would work for them to play DS against other players.

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