What's For Dinner Wednesday

A coworker's mention of Lasagna had that on my brain. Since I had the frozen pasta sheets, I decided it was time to make some again. Seriously, if you've never used these:

they take the cumbersome task of making lasagna into the realm of "Quick and Easy".

I had some fresh red peppers from the farm stand, so I made homemade marinara as a base for this today. Two peppers and one large onion diced up and sauteed in olive oil. I did something different for me: my marinara doesn't have salt in it. Many things I cook don't, because I use a lot of other spices. When I made baked ziti for work, I was told something was missing. As a result, I figured a little salt wouldn't hurt. Kosher, of course.

This is the ready for the oven dinner:
That part of the meal done, onto the bread. French bread. From scratch. Hank and Willie has a very simple recipe to make French Bread.
Here's the dough after the first rise:Today's dough made the Kitchenaid work very hard. If it's very humid out, sometimes it's a good idea to skip a dough like this. Too late for me, though!

After kneading, I've got two loaves, ready for proofing, then the oven. See?

Soon after kneading and forming loaves, the lasagna was finished, and the baking would begin.
Ed arrived home for dinner while the bread was baking. He's gotten used to me using jarred sauces for lasagna and my marinara is different from those. I still think it turned out really good.

Shortly afterwards, we had bread. Nice, yeasty, bread. I cut into it before taking pictures.

I have plans for the rest of those loaves. There's some french toast and sausage calling me. As is some Rocco's Italian Ices. Alas, no money or gas-we'll have to go see Rocco another day.


Anna said…
What a riot, we made this bread tonight! So easy, isn't it? Though I hear you about the mixer, poor thing!

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