We hit it lucky last month. WalMart locally started carrying Zapp's potato chips. Yummy, crunchy, flavorful potato chips.

By the time I could get around to it, they only had Salt and No Salt. Salt works for me, they've got more flavor than any other brand on the market.

Tonight, Ed walked in the door with the motherlode. He found that WalMart got them back in: Tabasco and Tomato, Salt and Vinegar and Hot and Spicy. The only ones that they didn't get that we want to have (again, in my case) Crawtaters.

I hope this is a sign that we'll have them around for a while. Crunch!


Geggie said…
You get Zapp's AND ABITA?? You're killing me! I'm from LA and love and miss them both. My fave is cajun crawtator and creole pickle! Yum!

You're turn to have a bag of Zapp's and a cold Abita and I'll be there in spirit with yoU!

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