Chef Jr Gets to Do Something Before Me

Right now, Chef is with AJ (Aunt Jane) at the drive in. Yep, lucky kid is getting to enjoy a drive in double feature tonight with his aunt!

Since there's only two of them, they're probably enjoying those movies from the front seat of the van. Oh, and when they called during intermission, he was so STOKED about being there.

This is way past bedtime for the kid who actually puts himself to bed, so I'm crossing my fingers that he lasts to see the whole "Indiana Jones" movie. If not, I suspect he'll be bugging me to go back to see it again this week.

Gameboy didn't want to go. Asperger's strikes again. You can't get the kid to try new things, but once you do, he realizes he likes the activity and will do it again. It looks like I'll have to twist his arm to go.

At least has the family movie buff with her. Every week, he'll ask to go see two or three of the movies in theaters, or to go buy the latest on DVD. He's definitely channeling his Gramps, the man who saw several movies a week.

Perhaps before the summer is over, I can scratch a drive in movie off the list of things I've never done. I suspect that Chef will be bugging me to go back...


Gypsydoodlebug said…
We should arrange a marriage between BooBerry and Chef. They're a lot alike.

Also, I want a critical review of the new Crystal Skull movie. I'm skeptical.
Jennifer H said…
Oh, you should go to the drive-in. It's such a fun experience. I've been meaning to take my kids. They would love it.
Joyce-Anne said…
Before the one on L.I. closed Tim and I were frquent drive-in movie goers. I think the kids would like it. Too bad there aren't any more up here.
Bob said…
You will love the Drive-in! When we were kids my dad and mom would load us into the family truckster (56 Chevy Bel Aire or 57 Plymouth wagons)
We played then got our PJs on and watched the movies. Very cool. I miss them. I'm glad there still alive down there. I can't wait to take Robert.
klasieprof said…
Sometimes..I get so sick of thinking about Asperger's.....mine said.."I DON'T CARE that I have ASPERGER's!!"..and the first thing I think is..."yah...that's the Asperger's talking"....HOWEVER...I went to a support group meeting a few weeks ago..and Feel VERY blessed..that OHH my...I have it a LOT better than some mom of "aspie's".

Suzanne said…
Mandy, I think Chef will be a sucker for BooBerry-she's a cutie. He'll ask if she likes good food, though!

Jennifer, the plan is to get to one sometime this summer. There are plenty of movies coming out this year that are family friendly, thankfully!

Joyce, I kept meaning to get to Westbury, but it never happened before I moved.

Bob, the Silver Moon is just the ticket for you. The first movie is family oriented and the second is usually designed for parents to watch while the kids sleep. Not last night, though!

Klasie, We're lucky. Other Aspie parents have a rougher time with the rigidity. In the past year, Gameboy has come a long way. He'll try new foods and do stuff with less protesting...

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