Twenty Years Ago, part two

I would have thought you were crazy, if twenty years ago, you told me:

I'd eat chipped beef, fried green tomatoes, grits or gator-and like it all.

That I would like sweet tea that wasn't anything like Long Island Deli Tea. (there is a HUGE difference)

That I'd drink coffee.

That I'd find that I was allergic to even more stuff than I was back then.

What about you? What would have boggled your mind twenty years ago?

(forgive the lame post. My mind is percolating a new recipe for tomorrow's dinner. If it works, the pictures will be very pretty...)


Mike Golch said…
Sometimes as we grow we aquire new tastes.I have done so in many ways.Grits,I first tasted them When I was in basic training in the Air Force. Throught the years i have tasted different foods some I liked some I did not.I have to say this has been one great adventure in life.
That's my story and you better believe I'm sticking to it. Many hugs and God's blessing your way.
Grandy said…
I would have never suspected I would drink coffee, or have an affection for alcohol. Oh who am I kidding...I didn't like coffee then but Grandy secretly loved to sneak drinks. :)

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