The Kindness of Coworkers

Recently, I blogged a small list of movies that I haven't seen. The list is far greater than what was written, but the full list would rival the phone book. Among the ones that I haven't seen: Jurassic Park. C felt that I was a horrible parent for not seen it yet, considering I have two boys (said completely tongue in cheek, btw)

One of my other coworkers said something a few days ago and I laughed. Apparently, it was a line from Brother, Where Art Thou?. Again, my lack of seeing a movie was met with surprise.

This morning, I opened my drawer at work to find the movie. Rather, the movies. C feels I need to remedy the fact that I haven't seen these two ASAP.

Check the popcorn stores, I think the next couple of days will include some movie watching...


Mike Golch said…
that was nice of someone to give you the movies to watch.

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