Dumb Sales Calls

Grandy shared once again "Things You'd Hear at My Desk", an amusing look at the things that she has to say that prove common sense is optional with some people.

I tend to block out the worst interactions I have in the work arena, but I can tell you plenty when I'm the customer, especially if it's a phone conversation. The following rates as the dumbest sales call I've ever had.

The scenario: I was an authorized user on my Dad's Montgomery Ward card. When he passed away, the account became mine, but apparently, all of his information carried over. I was 24 at the time. Note this, it's important.

Montgomery Ward had a program called the YES club. It was offered to people over 50 years old. For a small membership fee, members saved 10% every Tuesday. I was well acquainted with the program and its benefits, having been a Montgomery Ward employee.

One morning, about six months after Dad passed away, I got a phone call, inviting me to join the YES Club, probably because Dad was 61 when he died and eligible to join.I told the telemarketer politely "Oh, I'm sorry, I don't qualify for the program, I'm his daughter. He passed back in January."

The telemarketer replies "Sweetie, why would you pass up a way to save 10% every Tuesday?"

Me: "I am not old enough to qualify for the program. It's for people over 50, and I am not."

This telemarketer is persistent, I'll give her that. I've already said I am NOT OLD ENOUGH TO QUALIFY. She says "Why not get it for your children, then?"

Me: "I don't have children. Besides, If I'm not old enough to qualify for this program, if I had children, they wouldn't be old enough, either"

Now for the head scratching statement of my life. Telemarketer: "Then get it for your grandchildren! They'll love you for it!"

Me: "How can I have grandkids if I just told you I don't have children? Besides, I'm 24, I have 26 years before I am eligible for your program!"

She didn't understand me on that one, and insisted I should get it for my kids and non existent grandkids. I have to say, I got off the phone and did that cartoon "eye yi yi eye yi yi" head shake.

The funny part is in the retelling. There are people who I'd tell the story to that couldn't see what the problem was with the scenario! It just didn't connect that at 24, I didn't qualify for the program and if I had GRANDKIDS at 24, then there was something seriously wrong! I think that might have given me as many giggles as the original phone call.


Joyce-Anne said…
OY! There are times I want to travel through the phone lines and strangle the person at the other end.
Mike Golch said…
I maintain that common sense died many years ago.people have "smarts" but they lack "horse sense" of yester year.
That's my story and I'm really sticking to it.
joynlufter said…
How did that person pass through the 'hiring process' ?
Jennifer H said…
Seriously. Who's on first?

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