What’s For Dinner Thursday

Yesterday, I was going to give another go to Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. I got a mighty fine recipefor the dough that appeared to be spot on. Never having lived in Chicago, Uno's is my standard for deep dish-especially after working for them for a couple of years.

A few weeks ago, I tried the recipe and goofed royally. The recipe stated it was good for a 9 or a 10 inch pan. My Chicago Deep Dish pan is 16 inches around. I halved again the recipe. Big mistake. Messy mistake. I had a very TALL deep dish pizza. As a result, much of the sauce deposited itself on the bottom of the oven.

This time, I made the called for recipe and split it between two 9 inch pans. I also made one modification in flour. It now has 1.5 cups of semolina. This is before application of sauce.
I also learned from a pizza man that his pizza (real deal NY style) has not one bit of mozzarella. It's made with white cheddar, and folks, it tastes right. So, the cheese on these pies is a 50/50 blend of mozzarella and cheddar.
Chicago style is done with sauce on top, so as to not burn the cheese in the longer cooking process.

The fresh from the oven(cooling as I post this) pizza. The only thing that would make this better is some Leinenkugels. Since we don't have that, I think we'll be having the NY after pizza treat and heading over to Rocco's for some Italian Ices. The kids will be surprised!

Oh, it was supposed to be What's for Dinner Wednesday? Yeah, well, yesterday's dinner was a simple affair of fried chicken legs. Chef gave them the ultimate compliment and Gameboy concurred. They're better than the ones from Publix deli. LOL!


Mike Golch said…
daysgoby said…
Were they as good as they looked? I swear I could smell them as I was reading your post!!

Ooooh, piiiizzzzzaaaaa.

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