Six Minutes to Spare

Once again, it's payday. Yes, right now, I get paid (bi)weakly. I'm hoping that the way traffic was today bodes well for the future prosperity in my wallet! :) Not many customers, but a lot of quality time with each one.

As we did a few weeks ago, a few of us ventured to a nearby restaurant. It was a spur of the moment thing, otherwise, we would have had more companionship.

The lack of bodies did not mean a lack of laughter. Once again, warped minds flock together. Two of us ganged up on a third when the bread was but a small morsel, both thinking "Please Sir, may I have some more?" from Oliver. (The fourth dining companion realized we're twisted when we started singing "Thank you very much" from the same.)

It's good for the mental health to get out and de-stress about the jobs with your colleagues. I think we have to just put up a sign that we're going out on payday to get more takers.

Lessons learned for the evening:
We didn't get 'the talk' from our RM, so we must be doing okay (even if our paychecks seem otherwise)
Adding wasabi powder to a sauce made with wasabi powder doesn't make it hotter-it makes it bitter
Drinks made with vodka, cranberry, cucumber and other fruit juices taste really good
Even if you shield the lemons while squeezing them into your tea, you're still going to get it into the person next to you's eye (and she wears glasses-figure that one out!)
Clove cigarettes smell like ham (okay, that one's not new-but my memory has been refreshed)

And the lesson for the day: Just because a credit union has an ATM that is in your credit union's network and takes your deposits, doesn't mean that credit union co-ops with yours and takes your deposits. Expired ATM cards suck.


Mike Golch said…
When I get a new ATM card I use the old one for one last time. The bank will let you use it to make a deposit or a with drawl but keeps the card distroying it in the process.

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