My Stupid Leg (trademark pending)

Yes, my leg is still stupid. Just because I'm not writing about it all the time, doesn't mean I have changed my mind about taking a hacksaw to it.

So, what's new with it? Not much. I was using the DuoDERMs, but I've run out of them. Once things get rolling at work, I'll be contacting the woman I bought them from on eBay. It's much better to get them at 2.00 a dressing, as opposed to what they go for in a medical supply.

Without the DuoDERMs, there's a constant road rash/burning sensation on the wound site. The pruritus is also driving me insane. I'm finding some small measure of relief if I slather Aquaphor onto the wound, but it doesn't get rid of the itching completely. Sometimes, it's such a pain to be allergic to all the things you'd use to combat the itching.

The RSD is tolerable. Now that I keep the compression stocking on 24/7, Vern Troyer isn't stabbing my leg as often. He still sneaks in every once in a while. The pressure of the stocking leaves the leg with a constant pins and needles sensation and heavy feel. I'll take that over the more severe RSD issue of the past, though. I still want to pursue the nerve blocks, but that will have to wait.

One of the downsides of work being slow is that I'm not walking around as much as I need to, so the Plantar Faciitis is acting up. I'm icing the heel whenever possible, anxious for the business to pick up and keep me constantly moving and out of pain.

So, is it where I want it to be? No, not by a long shot. I hate being in pain all the time, but if you look at where I was 18 months ago, it's a huge improvement.

Proof that I made the right move: I'm allowed to wear Crocs. There wasn't an issue-I just need to get a pair that cover my heel because we've got a working warehouse. That's fine with me. In the meantime, the Ariats are worth every penny I paid for them. They do look a little strange-one is a snug fit and one looks like I'm playing dress up with a too big shoe.

And that's the latest on My Stupid Leg (trademark pending).


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