You Can All Bow to My Lucky Nature

At work, we've got a Pepsi vending machine. My preferred soda in that machine is Dr. Pepper, since I'm not a Pepsi fan and Mountain Dew is the drink of last resort.

Over the past month, I've consumed 9 Dr. Peppahs. Currently, they've all got codes to win fabulous prizes, all because Indiana Jones is in theatres. One in six wins. By that measure, I should have one and a half prizes, right?

I entered eight caps and got the "You were SO close, Suzanne." You know, like if my horseshoe was in the next county? Number nine was the big winner. Are you just the slightest bit jealous? I mean, I WON. I actually WON.

Oh, you want to know what it is? What is my fantabulous prize?

Wallpaper. Yep, I get to download Dr. Pepper/Indiana Jones wallpaper. It looks like Harrison and Shia aren't too pleased to be in the picture. You can see it in their faces "Some schmoe is supposed to be excited that they get to download this?"

Don't believe me? Take a look:


Grandy said…
There are worse things you could look at. :)
Wow, that looks hacked together.

Indy needs some better designers.

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