Any minute now, someone else will view the blog-and I'll have had 10,000 hits in 10.5 months!

I joined Site Meter in July of last year, and I was getting about 400 hits a month back then. In November, I thought joining NaBloPoMo would bring more readers (and more for me to read). It did, but the month ended with 450 hits.

December saw a jump, my hits doubled from what I'd had in October. I was going for a personal goal of 50 hits a day. Folks, you got me there in February, Woohoo!

Then, in March, I broke 1000 hits a month, but April and May broke 2000 hits! That goal of 50 hits? I'm close to it every day.

Thanks! For coming to read, or making those numbers go up. For commenting! For listening. Thanks!


ligirl said…
We love you, man! sniff! Congratulations!!!
Geggie said…
Am I number 10,000? Do I win anything?
Jennifer H said…
Yay! I love SiteMeter.
Anonymous said…
I dont care how many hits I get,I care that they stop for a minuite to say Hi.That's what I try to do instead of being a number. But that is jus me being me,I hopt that you are haveing a great day. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Grandy said…
CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's quite an accomplishment.

I'm afraid my numbers are possibly skewed. It took me 3 months to figure out how to get sitemeter to work. I kept getting 0 readers even when there were comments.

Saffa Chick said…
I enjoy visiting you... 10000 hits! That's awesome! Keep up the chatter, it's fascinating.

And I think it's amazing that you find time to drop in over at my place too ;-)

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