Foreclosure, the Update

I realized that I haven't really updated on the foreclosure. In the past couple of weeks, I've had a bunch of hits to the blog from my post on BlogHer. I'll cross post this over there, but my readership is over here.

We're firmly in the rental house. We like the neighborhood and the house. We're unpacked enough to get by, but still have quite a bit left to do. Some of our stuff is still in our friend Bob's garage on the other end of town. We need to get cracking on it-he may be in contract to sell his house up north and will hopefully be parking his cars in that garage by the end of the summer. (Bob, school starts August 16th. No pressure, dude!)

On the job front: I found a new job and started the last week of April. It is still retail, and I'm getting those 40 hours I was so desperately trying to find. It's commission, and eventually will become management. I'm glad I made the switch-I feel much better about the job situation.

Ed has started a new job. It's a job, not a career. He's still looking for something else, but we'll take the paycheck, thank you!If he gets 30-35 hours a week, his salary alone will pay the rent. That leaves me to get everything else squared away.

Chef has made some friends in the neighborhood, a definite plus. Having Mom and Jane around the corner helps all around. Right now, it helps us because Ed and I have overlapping work schedules.

The school transition hasn't been as smooth, but that should be ironed out next week. We seem to find that the paraprofessionals don't get all the info about Gameboy and take it upon themselves to 'reward' good behavior and it backfires. I think we learned a lesson-we sit down with the Paras as well as the teachers. Giving this child computer time is like giving a beer to an alcoholic. Not a good idea.

Yes, the finances are more than tight, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel.


paul said…
glad to here things are looking up! Keep the faith.
Bob said…
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Bob said…
good news for you guys! We ARE under contract and it appears the buyer is "motivated" so we should close by Mid-July. I already ordered the POD.
klasieprof said…
Foreclosure just SUCKS. I have a rental that has gone that route a couple times and at the last minute I've been able to pull it out....(lol that sounds so dirty!!)....
For the hub job...YEAH...sometimes...a Job DOES turn into a career...and sometimes...who cares $ is $...and it's green and pays bills.
Unpack more hon, you will feel better and more settled.
GREAT idea on the parapros...I think I will really start doing that for my oldest also...I always talk to the teachers..but...the Paras are the ones on the job front...the lower on the totem pole , the harder they work.
the computer thing...I SOOO Get that..mine uses it I finally figured out to "ZONE out"...and maybe as a way to calm himself...but I despise staff who don't follow the IEP for the student and "come up with" their own stuff...AAHHH..don't get me started.
Suzanne said…
Paul, thanks for stopping by. Things could be better, but they could be far worse. We're working, we're as healthy as possible and we're trying.

Bob, congrats! Can't wait to have you down here!

Klasie, my friend, how well you understand this. Our issues this past year have been para related. At the elementary level, you deal with the same paras for a while-not so in middle.

It's a trial and error ting. I suspect that the paras don't even see the IEPs, based on our experience.

Hang in there with your son and thanks for the good thoughts.

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