A Word About Online Assessments

They're great, because I didn't have to drive over to Brandon to take an hour's worth of tests.

They're frustrating, because I loathe Internet Exploder so bad that I had to dig it up after viewing phase one of the aforementioned assessment.

They're good at showing you're a ding dong, because you didn't actually SEE the attachment the recruiter sent with the email that stated that you had to use Exploder. I should have known this, because the company's career website doesn't do any filtering in Firefox.

They terrify you when you have to do numeric data entry without a keypad. I use a laptop. Oh well, no 18,000kph for me this time.

They make you go BOOYAH when you finish one in less than the time that is allocated.

Now, I wait. Cross your fingers, because this is a GREAT company that Ed will tell you I am annoyingly partial to!**

**As is the norm for me, no prospective or current employers will be named in the blog. All I will say is that it is a Fortune 100 company...***


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