Job Search: The Update

I am still jobless. In nearly four weeks, I have:

Experienced the malaise that Ed did when nothing happens.

Had one interview. A recruiter found my resume online and called me to meet with her. Funny thing is, I'd applied on their website-but she never saw that! In a holding pattern.

Applied for a civil service job and got the notification for the test, next week.

The same day, I got the application for SSI. I also have an interview date for that next week.

The first week, I applied for non retail jobs. Now, anything goes. Still hasn't helped, though.

When I said to Ed that I'm not sweating it, whatever happens will happen. He immediately said he wanted a DNA sample, because I couldn't possibly be Suzanne.

The SSI path seems like it's the one I'll end up on. Only time will tell.


Mike Golch said…
sounds like the same snafu to me.
I think you know where I went with what I said. I hope that things work out for you.My prayers are with you my friend. Hugs and God's blessings.

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