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For years, there have been songs I've heard, enjoyed and never had a darn clue who played the piece. When I started listening to jazz, I picked up several collections from well known artists that I knew I liked and surprise, there were songs on those discs that I'd been searching for, but didn't know the artist's name or the song title. It would just be a case of hearing it while out and about, and just savoring the song while it was playing.

Sometimes, it's more hit or miss. Years will go by, a chance listen to something and I'll be bugging myself that 'Hey, you never did figure out who the heck does that so you can get a copy of it.' So it is with many things I like. It's easier to track down music with vocals nowadays. If I don't recognize just who that is singing, well, I can always google the lyrics. That's how I came up with Kristen Proffitt's "Chance and Circumstance". I thought for sure it was a Sheryl Crow song. (That one's not on You Tube, but it is on iTunes-so no links. Sorry)

However, I like a large quantity of jazz, new age, classical and experimental music. Music that usually doesn't give you a key to unlock the door to the artist/song mystery. Someday, I'll happen upon the classical inspired/late 60's organ piece that WCBS in NY used in their "CBS Celebrates" commercial spots. You Tube may rescue me there, but I suspect I'll never know who did that piece. It had a Procol Harumesque feel, that's all I can tell you. I can hear the organ in my head while seeing the visions of the Cloisters in the Bronx that was aired most frequently with that music. I digress, but that's not a first!***

Once in a blue moon, a mystery is revealed. While at Sea World today, pondering over today's SSS post about another song entirely, I happened to hear one of those pieces that pop in and out of the soundtrack of my life. I guess because I was thinking about doing the SSS post, my brain shifted into the fact that I never did find out who did it. This time, though, I came home and started doing some sleuthing. Then I realized that I'd heard it from time to time in Tomorrowland and Wonders of Life in WDW. Jackpot! There are sites devoted to listing what songs are played throughout the Disney parks. (Most of the time, the piece I want is proprietary and I can't get a copy-like the Innoventions Area Loop music.)

This song has been in and out of my head for over 20 years. It's Behind the Waterfall, by David Lanz and Paul Speer. Now that I know who does it, I'll be doing the rare iTunes purchase. I love solving a mystery, even when it's such a trivial one!

***You Tube did come to my rescue after Google identified those bumpers as "CBS Celebrates". I may have blocked out the name because they never seemed to celebrate Long Island. Anyway, once I found out the name of the segments, I went to You Tube and the first hit for CBS Celebrates was a montage of a bunch of them-with the song identified. It's Johnny Scott's "Roses Today", and a 35 year old mystery has been solved. I can rest well tonight! (I remember there being another Cloisters bumper with that song as well, though.)


nutmeg said…
I love that waterfall song and never knew whose it was. That's why I love cirius radio - push a button and you've got your answer!

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