Girl Time!

While I adore my menfolk like you wouldn't believe, sometimes time with other women is needed. Later this week, I'll be visiting my bestest girlfriend in the world, Donna. We both can benefit from the time together. It'll be like it's 1985 all over again, and the Donnamobile is taking us to all the cool nightclubs on Long Island that played the best New Wave. Who knows, maybe we'll be lucky and some bouncer will card us!

The men will probably love the lack of female intervention for 48 hours. They can burp, fart and parade around in their skivvies all they want. They can skip showering, too. Just so long as they are cleaned up when I come home

I know I can use the time to get out of the blahs I've been feeling. I can't wait to show her all the shitty pictures I took with her camera, so she'll be cheered by the vindication, woohoo. Maybe I should do some NFNS like preparations and bring her my marinade and spice blends.

If only teleportation really existed...


ligirl said…
So looking forward to our visit! I think we need to eat bars of REALLY GOOD chocolate and consume copious amounts of wine. Next time? Next time will with be with the menfolk too, I promise. Maybe even with your new friends, too, since I'm dying to meet them!

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