Friday, September 26, 2008

The End of Believing?

A couple of weeks ago, Chef Jr confessed something to Ed when Gameboy and I were out of the house. "Dad, I know." Ed replied "Know what?" and was informed that our younger child just doesn't believe in the man in the red suit anymore.

As parents, we got a lot more mileage out of playing that role than most. I found out when I was seven or eight and discovered the cache of presents in my brother's closet that were later tagged as coming from the big man himself. Ed figured it out because ALL the presents were wrapped in the same paper (which is why Santa always had different paper in this house.).

We knew the day would come and discussed the plan of attack with the subject matter. For each of us, there may not be a real person. We believe in the spirit of giving that Santa represents and they both discussed this. Ed also asked Chef to keep the secret from his older brother. Additionally, he asked Chef to not bring the subject up with friends.

The other day, he took the opportunity to clear the air with me as well, since his brother wasn't with us. He told me he knows that Santa isn't a real person, but he's alive in all of us. It's great that he understands our approach-and that the reason why his parents get so excited at Christmas is knowing that we've made them happy.

I'm just wondering how much more mileage we're going to get from our 12 year old still believing amd how upset he'll be if one of his classmates spills the beans...

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Joyce-Anne said...

Awww. He has just passed another milestone. Now, I wait for Nicole to do the same...